• Amongst the most popular general purpose air-operated pumps worldwide. Ideal for transfers over short distances (up to 30 m) mostly with trolley-mounted kits.
    • Designed to work in tough conditions, ideal for use in industry, workshops, farms, construction or as part of a mobile oil system
    • All-metal construction, fully CNC machined with hardened wear-resistant moving parts
    • Reciprocating piston operated 2-1/2” (63 mm) diameter air motor
    • Comes with non-return valve threaded 1” (F) for use on the bottom of the suction tube.
    • WETTED COMPONENTS: Steel, brass, aluminum, hi-nitrile rubber, polyurethane. Nylon (1:1 pump only) Turcite (3:1 and 5:1 pumps).
    • IMPORTANT: Pump must be supplied with clean and dry compressed air via an FRL unit.
    • ACTION: Single
    DISCHARGE (UP TO) 14 LPM (3.7 GPM)
    VISCOSITY Med-High - up to SAE 130
    • 1 YEAR
    • Full over-the-counter replacement, except in case of damages due to lack of proper use or maintenance (i.e. not using filtered and lubricated air).